Training writers to cover their community

Seattle Globalist
Award Amount: $17,210

The Globalist proposes to offer a series of workshops to cover a variety of media skills, essentially training new and citizen-writers for its daily publication, and generating revenue from workshop fees.

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Project Updates

Seattle Globalist INNovation Success Story

The Seattle Globalist is an online daily whose purpose is to highlight the connection between global and local news in Greater Seattle. While there continues to be an outcry at the lack of diversity in newsrooms across the country, that cry has been muted at the Globalist whose mission is “To elevate diverse voices through media” — simple and powerful. It’s no surprise that the Globalist used its INNovation grant to build a pipeline of diverse journalists by developing and marketing a community journalism workshop series with two goals: to increase efficiency in the storytelling process and to develop an earned revenue stream. Here’s a quick look at the results: approximately 67 percent of its contributors are people of color; women make up 73 percent of site contributors; and 45 percent are immigrants or first-generation Americans. This type of mission-driven creativity is the purpose behind the the grant, which was funded by the Knight Foundation.

Seattle Globalist: Project Summary

The experiment will narrow in on a “sweet spot” for workshop composition and workshop fees that will maximize both our return on investment and the number of workshop participants we are able to attract.