WyoFile: Project Summary

Given the challenges of reaching audiences in a sparsely populated place like Wyoming, WyoFile will marry tried-and-true membership recruitment strategies with a digital approach in a shoe-string budget.

Seattle Globalist: Project Summary

The experiment will narrow in on a “sweet spot” for workshop composition and workshop fees that will maximize both our return on investment and the number of workshop participants we are able to attract.

Connecticut Health Investigative Team: Project Summary

If proven successful, the experiment will show that engaging an audience and sponsors on key health issues is a replicable way to find financial solvency. Hosting events will help C-HIT continue to expand its visibility, which will lead to a larger audience and also strengthen its individual donor reach.

Banyan Project: Project Summary

Banyan seeks to learn how best to continually strengthen online news sites’ sustainability by 1) building reader engagement through Forums and Editorial Collaboration tools, and 2) building a base of donating members through the Conversion tools, creating a new revenue stream.