Tucson Sentinel: Project Summary

“A smarter Tucson is a better Tucson.” That’s the motto of the Tucson Sentinel, an online news organization offering unbiased reporting and engaging community conversation.

There are 138 identified neighborhood associations across Tucson, yet the problem the Sentinel targets is that there are many residents with more awareness of what’s going on around the world than across the street.

This project will work with six to 10 of these neighborhood associations on a pilot project to develop a platform for neighborhood-level information and communication. Depending on the neighborhood’s makeup, these platforms will be titled “View from” or Vista de.” Content will start with a custom blogging platform, and include event listings, integration of relevant local data streams such as crime reports, census data and school reviews. It also will have a citizen journalism component.

Reviewers felt this project was focused, well-defined with groundwork already laid through informal collaboration with diverse neighborhood groups, and could be a model for other community newsrooms. Overall success will hinge on whether this project can leverage sponsorships for ongoing sustainability.

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